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Carbon film on your car – increased durability and chic appearance

Excellent appearance and increased resistance to scratches, chips, regardless of the age of the car – the dream of every car owner. Carbon film on the car is the realization of this dream. By gluing it to the details of your iron horse, you can be sure that the coating will not be exposed to all kinds of damage and the appearance will always be unique and at its best.

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On any roads the covering of the car is not insured against scratches, chips or other mechanical and chemical influences which can arise from the sun, dirt, stones on the road, temperature differences, falling leaves and so on. Small scratches are often the cause of gradual corrosion and loss of an attractive appearance. The coating can be protected by a vinyl carbon film on the car. Besides the fact that it perfectly protects from the described problems, it also gives an original and chic look.

The sun’s rays gradually affect the molecular structure of the paint coating and this leads to the loss of its elasticity and strength. Microscopic cracks appear inside it, the gloss is lost, the coat becomes turbid and gradually becomes unusable. The carbon film on the car will protect against these troubles and make it serve much longer.

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It can be covered not only the body of the car, but also parts inside the interior and not only. In addition to its protective function, it can also be decorative. The film is to the touch similar to leather and repeats the texture of carbon (carbon fiber), has an original texture effect, due to which it is also called 3D carbon film. It is incredibly resistant to small scratches and is up to 250 microns thick, making it ideal for protecting any part of the car. It is worth noting that the manufacturers have announced a service life of about five to six years.

The color range of the carbon film is from white to black, which allows you to choose your favorite shade. Especially popular colors among car owners are grey, black and “metallic grey”.

We would like to emphasize that the carbon film on the car can be easily replaced if damaged. And there is no need to make this replacement completely, it is enough to replace only the area that was damaged. When you remove it, there are no traces on the paintwork, so, having decided to sell your car, you can remove the film, and it will look as if it just came out of the interior.

Varnish or tinting film for your car headlights

Very often we are asked, “Is it better to tint the car lights, with varnish or film?”. The answer is simple. Let’s compare the pros and cons of both methods of tinting car optics, start with the film…

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The pros and cons:

  • Anti-gravel protection for the car headlights;
  • Good light transmittance (light delay up to 10%);
  • Reversible process (you can always peel off the adhesive film without damaging the car headlights).
  • Uniform application of colour to the headlight.


  • I don’t know what the disadvantages are when using this method!
  • Now let’s consider the method of applying varnish to the car optics.

When using the car lacquer is chipped with sand and gravel and turns out very unsightly;

  • Low light transmittance;
  • Difficult to apply (very difficult to apply a uniform layer to obtain a monotone glow headlights);
  • Hard to erase and at the same time spoil the headlight glass itself, you need polishing;

Well, it is possible to enumerate until tomorrow the minuses and pluses of these two ways of tinting the headlights, and no one is trying to convince you of anything, this article is written for thought and I think it will be very useful for you. And who’s still interested, you can follow the link and see…

P.S. Very interesting way of tinting with Stockings, it turns out very nice ;).

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Vinyllography on a car

Vinyllography on a car is an innovation that is developing with great speed and will easily replace the long-known method of airbrushing. We offer to place on the body of your iron friend dynamically developing types of art: author’s paintings, own images, designer drawings. The unusual kind of creativity owes its popularity first of all to the “vinyl aerography of cars”, the application of images on a solid and durable car vinyl film, which protects the paintwork from damage and can be easily removed without consequences, and, if desired, is changed to a new one, corresponding to new tastes and wishes of the customer.

Vinylography is an opportunity to make your car unique, bright and memorable! Choose a glossy vinyl film and your car will be dazzling, and matte vinyl on the car will create the image of a fantastic car of the future. Add colour to your car by decorating it with coloured car vinyl or design images. Change the color of the car to your liking by applying colorful elements on the car completely or on individual body parts.

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Sequence of vinyllography creation:

The designer creates several design options for the car on your chosen theme (design-binding), the created image is printed on a large format printer on a transparent or white self-adhesive film, laminated with a protective film and applied to the surface of the car. The vinyl film can be glued to any smooth surface of any shape and size. The gluing process is quite time consuming and requires special skills and equipment, so it is better to entrust the gluing to our professional craftsmen. The variety of all kinds of solutions with the use of carbon-film endlessly, allows you to emphasize the individuality of both the vehicle and its owner. Vinyl can drag the whole car, hood, fenders, doors, individual elements of its appearance or elements of the interior, overlays, complex in shape details, handles, moldings, mirrors and grates. Carbon vinyl is a relatively new technology, which implies imitation of real carbon with the help of vinyl film. If you want carbon coating on your car, there is nothing easier. It is enough to apply carbon auto vinyl with three-dimensional effect.

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Advantages of vinyllography:

  • Individuality. Development of an exclusive image.
  • Accuracy. Possibility to correct the picture during the development of the design layout.
  • Switchability. The possibility to change the pattern or to repeat it if the pattern is damaged.
  • Safety. High level of protection of the car surface from minor scratches and chips, paintwork from environmental impact.
  • Profitability. Application of film is cheaper than painting a car.
  • Practicality. The film is removed from the surface, leaving no trace of glue.
  • Reliability. Service life of the vinyl film is 3-10 years.
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How do you take care of a glued car?

Very often customers have the question “How to take care of a glued machine?”. Here are some tips on this subject.

Right after the gluing:

  • After applying the film, the car should be given 1-2 days to stand in a warm room. During this time, the glue of the film will be maximally activated. – Freshly glued car should not be washed for at least a week.

It is in operation:

  • Always warn the washing staff that the machine is glued with a film. Pressurised water jet washing is not advisable, as it can damage or blow up the film on the bend. It is also strictly forbidden to wash the glued car with various chemicals and to treat it with steam.
  • If there are scratches, the glossy film can be polished in the same way as a varnish. Only at low polishing machine speeds. Otherwise you can damage the film even more.
  • Ask the company that glued you the film, what material they put on the car. Or better yet, even take a sample. It will be much easier to find an identical material if you have damaged the part and it needs to be glued. We, for example, save this data, but after years it may not be found.
  • If the film is bloated or glued somewhere, try to come to us as soon as possible. Or if it wasn’t glued to us, then come to us anyway :). Otherwise, sand and water may leak under the film, for example. And then it will not be so easy to restore the original appearance. All the way to the gluing of the parts.
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